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Message regarding our reopening…

Dear Yoga Vida students,

First, let us say thank you for all your kind words and support over the past 2 months.  Being away from Yoga Vida and all of you has been the hardest of all and we are so excited to be able to practice together again.

And that time is right around the corner! Yoga Vida will re-open on Friday, May 15.  For some of you, this cannot come soon enough.  For others, it is too soon.  We are going to take it slow and wade back into group practice.  We are excited for you to return to practice when you are comfortable and ready.  Until then, you will be with us in spirit as we all get more comfortable in our new normal.

To that measure, please let us share some of our new procedures to help ensure the safety of the group – and there are many measures to discuss:

  • We ripped out the carpet!! One of the most necessary steps to reducing the spread of germs is to disinfect touch points frequently, and the studio room is the biggest touch point of all. The only way we could feel comfortable in keeping our revered yoga space safe is to mop and disinfect the whole room after each practice, and for that the carpet had to go.
  • Monday through Friday class has changed to 4:30 from 4:45. Yoga Vida’s teachers and student helpers will use the extra 15 minutes to mop the room and disinfect between afternoon and evening classes. I understand that schedule changes are inconvenient and take some getting used to, but this is a necessary step for us to take the proper precautions to stay as safe as we can.
  • Class sizes are limited to 15 students. With 15 practitioners in class each person has an 8-foot buffer zone.  Tape markers have been laid down to guarantee proper spacing.  Blue tape is for instructional classes, purple tape is for silent classes.  Teachers will stay on the podium during class unless there is an immediate need. Hand sanitizer will be available in the practice room.  Face masks are at the individual’s discretion.
  • It is strongly recommended that you reserve your class through MindBody to secure a spot. We must limit sizes for safety, and it would break our hearts to have to turn someone away at the door because we were at our limit.  Registration for a class will open 3 days prior to class and close one hour before class is scheduled to begin.  Please, only sign-up for classes you intend to attend and cancel a reservation if it is necessary. As we get used to this new process, we will hold a couple spots back for walk-ins.  You can access MindBody through our website, or directly download the app onto your phone.  You will need to create an account with MindBody if you do not already have one. If you are having trouble registering you can email (brigitte@yogavidatucson.com), or if it is close to class time call Yoga Vida directly:


  • Tuesday and Wednesday evening’s classes have changed. Going forward, Tuesday at 6:30 will be a 26-asana class and Wednesday at 6:30 will be a 34-asana class.
  • The use of studio props and equipment has been suspended. As we attempt to reduce the touch points through Yoga Vida we have temporarily suspended the use of:
    • Props: mats, blocks, and towels (except in case of emergency)
    • Lockers
    • Water fountain (bottled water is available)
  • In order to properly social distance in the changing rooms, no more than 3 people in the men’s room or 4 people in the women’s room are allowed at any one time.
  • Teachers will check you into class at the desk (no more signing the book for now) while you go through a quick self-health assessment. Honesty matters.  If you are feeling symptomatic or could pose a risk to others, please abstain from coming to practice.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio, as will disinfectant spray and paper towel roll. Teachers will be sanitizing touch points after each class, but we can all take part in keeping each other safe and healthy.

These are some of the temporary measures to help us stay safe against the risk of infection.  We thank you in advance for your patience, compliance, and understanding.  Please recognize that everyone of us feels slightly different about the appropriate course of action.  It is impossible to have a single right way.  Let us all be compassionate and respectful towards each other’s feelings so that we may move forward through this as a stronger, healthier community.

Remember to hydrate. See you at practice.

As ever,
Yoga Vida Faculty

Class Schedule
What is Ghosh?

Class Schedule

s: Class practiced in silence. The teacher leads the class by practicing along with the students. Transitions between postures are called out. Experience is necessary. Class lasts 75 minutes and is done in a hot room.

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Class Descriptions

Lesson Types…


A traditional Bikram yoga class of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises derived from the 84 postures of the Ghosh Yoga System. Class is 90-minutes long and done in a hot room. Appropriate for all levels of experience.


Created by Yoga Vida as an introduction to the Ghosh Yoga System. It features 34 postures and 3 breathing exercises including hip openers and strength building for your abs and arms. Class is 90 minutes long and done in a hot room. Appropriate for all levels of experience.


An intermediate level class that introduces a greater variety of the 84 asanas of the Ghosh Yoga System. Some variation of postures occur with each class based on the focus of the day’s practice. Class is 90 minutes long and done in a hot room.


(Therapeutics) Simple movements that improve strength, flexibility, and functional health in all parts of your body. Regular practice of therapeutic yoga will help alleviate discomfort and improve your asana practice. Some variation of exercises will occur within each class. Class is 60 minutes long with no added heat.


Dancing Shiva: A silent class with music that combines slow flow Sun Salutations with a held asana practice. Class is 80 minutes long and done in a hot room.

S:Teacher led class that is practiced in silence. Experience is necessary.

* 15% discount for students, military, and first responders.
* Class lesson cards expire after 18 months.
* Classes are non-transferable.

Take the Challenge


8-weeks unlimited.

When you are ready to create swift, significant change, establish or deepen your yoga practice, work toward a specific goal, make time for yourself, and see and feel the benefits of a consistent yoga practice, try the Yoga Vida Challenge!

The Yoga Vida Challenge is eight weeks of body-sculpting, toxin-dumping, form-slimming, spine-strengthening, muscle-loosening, heart-healing, mind-calming, eye-whitening yoga.  It is a short term, intensive commitment to reshape your body, refocus your mind, and improve your health on all levels. Choose any combination of Yoga Vida classes, 5 times a week for 8 consecutive weeks.

With the Yoga Vida Challenge you will receive an 8-week unlimited class pass, a canvas Yoga Vida tote bag, a Yoga Vida journal to record your experience, and lots of personal attention to help you achieve your goal. Once finished, your name is engraved on a brass plate and put on our commemorative Challenge wall. Additionally, after your Challenge you have a one time chance to sign up for the Monthly Unlimited Autopay pass (normally $100) at the discounted monthly rate of $90 to keep your good new habits going strong. All for $225.


Lesson Tips


Class begins promptly at scheduled time, please be punctual.

Prepare yourself with proper hydration.

New students should arrive 10 minutes before class.

Bring or rent a yoga mat, large towel, and a bottle of water.

It is best to take class on an empty stomach.

For maximum benefit, we encourage regular practice.

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Ghosh Tradition


Bishnu Charan Ghosh was born in Lahore, India in 1903. A bodybuilder specializing in feats of strength and muscle control, he began his yoga training at the  Ranchi School for Boys which was founded by his older brother Paramhansa Yogananda, the author of Autobiography of a Yogi and founder of the Self Realization Fellowship. In 1924, Ghosh founded Ghosh’s College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India1. Bishnu Ghosh’s best known students and successors are Buddha Bose, his son Biswanath Ghosh, Bikram Choudhury, and Tony Sanchez.

The Ghosh Hatha Yoga system is based on 84 asanas, 3 pranayama exercises, mudras, bandhas, and kriyas. Ghosh yoga has both a physical therapeutic focus and a spiritual culture. The asanas are designed to stretch, compress, and stimulate all parts of the body: muscle, bones, joints, and organs. Pranayama, mudra, and bandha are intended for more spiritual purposes.

The Ghosh Hatha Yoga system is intended to be accessible to everyone, to heal the body, reduce stress, and quiet the mind. Ghosh yoga is built on 3 principles: physical alignment, stillness, and sequence2. Physical alignment contributes to the optimal development of posture, body, and mind. The greatest benefit of a posture is attained when using correct form and effort. Postures are held between 10 to 60 seconds followed by a brief recovery period. Stillness and sequence are therapeutic to the body and mind by building bodily awareness, focus, and strength.

1 84 Asanas, Level 1 by Tony Sanchez

2 scottlampsyoga.com


Word on the Street.

Yoga Vida Testimonial DM

“I love Yoga Vida, all the instructors are amazing – and very inspiring. Each person brings something unique to their practice which makes every class a special treat.”

DENISE M. (5/8/17)

Yoga Vida Testimonial CW“Yoga instructors are all amazing with such a high positive energy level. Always have personal quotes, affirmations stories that you can take with you and use throughout your day. Always friendly, warm and inviting. Been going there for over 5 years.”

CASSANDRA W. (2/5/17)

Yoga Vida Testimonial MT“This was my first time ever doing Hot Yoga and I loved it! This place was super clean. Friendly staff. I will be back!”

MARIA T. (5/8/17)

Got Questions?



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8 months ago

Oh joy, it’s a regular schedule this Labor Day!
Monday 9/2/19
Bikram @ 9 & 6:30pm w/ Annie & Michael
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Heads up y’all!
Tomorrow’s intermediate class is 2 HOURS LONG!!
To celebrate 2 years of practicing the Ghosh yoga tradition. ❣️👏🏼🎉
It wouldn’t have been possible without our AMAZING open-minded, curious,… https://t.co/99q5gqVhKs

Get on a yoga roll!!💦💪🏻🧘🏽‍♀️✌🏼

Silent Bikram 26 @ 6:15am
Ghosh 34 @ 9
Bikram 26 @ 4:45 & 6:30

Therapeutics @ 7:30am
Bikram 26 @ 9 & 1
Dancing Shiva (silent… https://t.co/sTSTAOajjY

Wear your leggings or bring an extra towel to the 40 today - we are doing arm balances!

Valentine’s Day 2019 marks 19 years of Yoga Vida being part of the Tucson community! As a show of our appreciation for that honor, we are giving FREE YOGA to everyone and anyone who cares to join us. No restrictions, just good, sweaty yoga for the fun of it, on us! #Celebrate

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